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Europe's partner of choice

Across Europe, organisations including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies have chosen us to be their textile and hygiene partner. We're proud that this means we're the leading European supplier operating in this space.

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We're always working for you

You don't need to hear that we have hundreds of facilities manned by thousands of staff, 24/7. You just need a service that works. With Berendsen, sometimes the only way you'll know we were even there, is a fresh pile of clean, hygienic sheets, clothing or mats delivered on time, every day.


A clean conscience

Berendsen is a responsible business. We play our part to the full as a good corporate citizen and behave responsibly to our people, to our customers, partners and to the environment - at all times, without exception or compromise.

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Onze mensen maken ons succesvol

Berendsen is trots op het feit dat we onze klanten een onovertroffen service bieden. Dat kunnen we alleen realiseren met mensen die ambitie hebben, die ondernemerschap combineren met innovatief denken en een sterk gevoel voor service hebben.

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